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Hey all, I'm Koa and this is my friend, Erin. I've been living at BIFS since 2020 when I was found as a cold and hungry piglet under a house. Today I live with my BFFs, Lucy Liu and Koko, and get plenty of love and belly rubs. I invite you to look around, get to know all about us, learn ways you can join our ohana, and consider planning a visit when you find yourself on the Big Island of Hawaii. My friends and I would love to meet you!



A safe haven for animals on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our animal residents have inspiring stories of

rescue, healing and hope; and a few were even born into the worry-free life of sanctuary.


Through intimate hands-on interaction, we give people the opportunity to meet formerly farmed and hunted animals and see the beautiful and unique individual beings each of them are, all while learning their stories from their compassionate and knowledgeable Kahu (protectors and caregivers).


Planning a visit to the Big Island? We invite you to make us a part of your vacation. Book your tour today!


Welcome to Big Island Farm Sanctuary

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