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While visiting a farmed animal sanctuary in 2017, I was unexpectedly touched by the animals' stories of rescue, healing, and hope.


I started to see the similarities between pigs and dogs. I saw how much fun playing with a goat, or cuddling a sheep could be. I started to see these not as food or clothing sources, but as true individuals deserving of their own happy lives.


And then my daughter, Shailee, leaned in and hugged this gentle giant, Ben, and it was all I needed to decide I was no longer going to be a part of animal suffering. I went vegan the very next day.


A few months later, it was time to say goodbye to Gentle Ben as his body was tired and in constant pain. I promised him that I would never stop telling his story- our story- and that I would find a way to not only honor him, but create a place on the Big Island of Hawaii where people would have the opportunity to make a connection with these amazing animals, just like I had.

Welcome to my own little corner of paradise. I invite you to visit if you ever find yourself on the Big Island. If visiting isn't in your future, there are still so many ways you can support our amazing animals and all that it entails to give them the best life. Look around our website and please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Peace, Love and Rescue,

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