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"I have an animal that needs sanctuary."
We are not taking in any new rescues or surrenders at this time. In just over three years of existence we have given or found a life-long home to over 130 animals. For now, we have reached our max- financially and physically. We must put the health and welfare of our current residents first, and not outgrow our means. If you have an animal in need, there are several different sanctuaries and rescues here on the island that you can reach out to (simply google "animal rescue big island" or "farm sanctuary big island").


"I found a wild pig/goat and I want you to take it."
If you find a wild animal, we ask that you do not immediately pick them up and put them in your car. More often than not, the animal is perfectly healthy and happy, and (if it's a baby) mom is just a short distance away (possibly hiding from you). When you unnecessarily remove an otherwise healthy animal from their environment, you are stealing them from their family and freedom, and creating a lifelong dependence on humans that wasn't ultimately necessarily, thus taking away space for a future animal in real need. Unless the animal is in obvious distress, we suggest you leave them be. Wild animals prefer to be wild! If you do take them in, please consider that you may be the one to ultimately care for the animal, as sanctuaries on the island are bursting at the seams and turning animals away almost daily. 

"We have annoying roosters that need to be removed from our property."
Funny, the roosters say the same thing about the humans when they call. ;) Again, wild animals prefer to be wild whenever possible, and we are not in the business of needlessly capturing and confining animals who are not truly in need of our help.

"Do you take dogs or cats?"
We are a farmed-animal rescue and do not take in companion animals like cats or dogs. There are several cat and dog rescues on the island that you can find by searching the internet.

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