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NOTE: For every $5 you spend, you are purchasing a chance to win, not the actual product. $5 one chance, $10 two chances, etc.

The artists participating in this online auction have donated their time, talent and art to help raise money for Big Island Farm Sanctuary. We appreciate their support as well as yours. Good luck!


These handpainted little cow canvases are magnets AND ornaments, so you can enjoy their udderly lovely sunshine all year long! 


• Handpainted mini canvas cow ornaments and magnets

• Use with or without ornament hooks (included). These teeny canvases can also be attached to the wall and brighten up small spaces, once the holidays are over.


Why I made this: Cows are incredible beings and truly are gentle giants. They are loving and protective, yet playful like dogs. If you see them in action romping around or playing with a ball, you understand why they have been called “grass puppies.”


Sadly, even so-called humane cows and calves are exploited for their milk and flesh. Bucolic scenes of holsteins grazing out in the pasture are so deceptive. What you don’t see is the suffering that exists. Dairy rips newborn babies away from their mothers, time and time and time again. And, ultimately kills them all, long before they would die naturally. For more info, see my other merchandise and Links page about this brutal industry.


My hope is for all cows and their families to enjoy the warm sun, blue skies and grass without being exploited!


• © Copyright Dirty Snouts. All rights reserved.

NOTE: Colors may vary a little bit from what you see here, as these are one-of-a-kind paintings and all monitors/screens are different.

Handpainted Mini Cow Ornaments and Magnets

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