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Ways to Support


Sponsor A Resident

At BIFS, there are many ways you can help whether you live close by or thousands of miles away. One of the easiest ways is to sponsor residents like me!

I'm Betty and this is my friend (and monthly sponsor), Heather. I used to live on a cattle ranch but the rancher had a soft spot for me and asked if I could live the rest of my life at Big Island Farm Sanctuary. Of course Paula agreed, and, today, I spend my time grazing with my cow friends and welcoming guests on tour days. I'm usually down for a good hug from a human, too!

For just $10 a month, you can sponsor any one of us and help our humans continue to save lives, touch hearts, and change minds. As our small way of saying a big mahalo, you'll get some fun stuff just for joining. Not sure who to sponsor? Visit our Virtual Barn to meet my friends!




Hi, I'm Miggy and this is my friend, Veronika.


In 2020, I came to live at Big Island Farm Sanctuary after being viciously attacked by wild dogs. Multiple vets told Paula there wasn't much that could be done to save me, but she and Josh weren't ready to give up and neither was I. They worked tirelessly to heal me from my devastating injuries, and today I spend my days grazing on endless grass and soaking up the sun.

We're always looking for volunteers to come brush us, read, sing, or play an instrument for us- someone we can form a bond with. This position is for 2 hours, once a week, and we ask that you commit for a minimum of three months.


We're also looking for once-a-month volunteers who are interested in building projects, maintenance of the fences and pastures, etc.


Volunteers must be 18 or older and have reliable transportation. Email us for more information!


SHOP: Dress yourself in the latest fashion, decorate your home or office with cute accessories. We're adding new merch all the time! Link coming soon.

AMAZON WISH LIST: We love getting fun stuff in the mail. Whether its for pigs, cows, goats, sheep, birds, or even the dogs and cats, we've got something for everyone. Check out our wish list for fun gifts for us, as well as things to help our humans do their jobs a little easier.

MONETARY DONATION: PAYPAL, VENMO, SQUARE are all great ways to send us a monetary gift. You can also send a check to:
Big Island Farm Sanctuary

92-1329 Prince Kuhio Blvd. #4-240

Captain Cook, HI 96704

Follow, like, and share are ways you can support us for completely free! Join us on INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, and FACEBOOK today!

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